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•Neo-Rebalancing Professional Training

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•The Mother Earth Call

Shamanic Experience: The connection with the Great Mother Earth

The retreat focuses on providing tools that allow you to reconnect with your own centre where you can recognize your own true silent nature.

The Mother Earth Call deals mainly with the Medicine Wheel what includes the Four Directions (North South East West). It connects us to each guardian, element and sense that belongs to them. It is an instrument of healing and consciousness used in many traditions around the world (by North American Native People, Celtics, Tibetans, etc).

During the retreat, the participant has the possibility to open up to learn how to live in tune with the horizontal plane, which is our true nature. We will understand where you “are before life” and what are your dynamics; which parts are in balance and where there is any imbalance, how you relate with the four elements (water, earth, fire and air), feelings, thoughts and people. From that, we will access the Vertical plane, the Divine plan, where time does not exist and the Unity manifests itself.

During the course there are shamanic rituals, spiritual practices, meditations, experiences with nature, dances, nights of Medicine of the Forest and detox.

  • Study and experience of the Medicine Wheel.
  • Reconnection with the 4 elements (water, fire, earth and air).
  • Opening up the senses in the physical and spiritual plans.
  • The Horizontal and Vertical plans: Full View.
  • Chakras Healing.