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Meditative Therapy of Deep Touch

The Rebalancing method is an efficient and deep massage, which includes breath work, bioenergetics, emotional expression as well as meditation. This holistic therapy was developed by a group of physical therapists under the guidance of the spiritual master Osho and integrates different techniques: deep tissue, myofascial manipulation, joint release and assisted stretching.

All our memories are registered and present in our body. Each experience is stored in our cells and muscle tissue and is reflected in the way we breathe and the posture we carry. We literally become the result of our past and we end up creating chronic tension that reduces our vitality.

Through stretching and connective tissue replacement (muscles, tendons and ligaments) we release old mental and body patterns. When our blocked energy is released, it can be used in a very positive and creative way. Our state of balance and vitality is re-established.

During an Rebalancing session, the goal is to create a physical and mental alignment from which we can relax and experience the inner silence: our source. This is meditation.

    • Relief from chronic tensions and pains.
    • Improve posture and flexibility
    • Improve athletic performance
    • Boost trauma and injury recovery
    • Increase energy and the sense of well-being
    • Psychological and emotional growth
  • Better body awareness

What is the Rebalancing Path of 10 sessions

The “Path of 10 sessions” is a self-awareness process that uses body and conscious touch as a gateway to meditation.

It is a scientific system that maps and dissolves body armour and takes us, step by step, to a physical, mental, emotional spiritual alignment.

This Path can be done in an intensive residential program, during weekly visits or be divided into different stages for a period of six months.

The Path step by step


    1. Opening up to the vital energy through the breath
    1. To dissolve the tension of the respiratory muscles – diaphragm release
    1. To strengthen chest, back, hips and legs relationship
  1. To encourage body elevation

To know how to breathe fully and deeply is essential for our health. The breath is the function that continuously regenerates our body, oxygenating our blood, and through it, our cells, muscles and organs.

The act of breathing brings life, unlocking the diaphragm of our physical and energetic body and is still the most immediate source of vital energy that we have.

Through this bodywork, we can expand the Heart Chakra – where our ability to ‘feel’ life is concentrated.

Breath in – Physically is the inhalation phase during the breathing cycle and ‘metaphorically’ is the BODY intake of spirit or life force.


    1. Rooting: being in touch with the Mother Earth.
    1. Relaxing chronic tension in the legs, releasing the flow of accumulated energy
    1. To evenly distribute the weight on both feet
  1. To optimize elasticity and stability on the feet

Legs are the major tools to set our ideas in motion and through them; our energy is transformed into action. They are the bridge that connects the earth with our upper body and so the bridge between the Mother Earth and our Being, our heart and our mind.

We live in a mind-oriented society, which over time disconnects us from our base and therefore our source. “Stand on our own feet” means to become rooted and to belong so that we can be in touch with our reality. The rooting depends on a person’s will and ability to face life situations with a sense of security and inner strength.


    1. To stretch and relax lateral tensions in the back and arms.
    1. To increase the breathing capacity into a three-dimensional level
    1. To create a more uniform relationship between the posterior and anterior sides of the body
  1. To prepare the deep muscles of the body for the next sessions

In this session, we will work mainly on the sideline body, increasing the connection between its front and back. By understanding our body as a unit, we include the understanding that any strain, pain or misalignment in the posterior side provokes or has its own cause coming from the anterior side of the body, and vice versa.

The back and arm join releases will increase the chest and heart openness as well as our ability to relate with the world, of giving and receiving.


    1. To open the internal side of the leg, the medial arch of the foot, to relax the adductor muscles and the pelvic floor
    1. To work on the inner line increasing the body connection and basis ability
    1. To open and stretch the body centre (the pelvis)
  1. To bring awareness to the control and the let it flow

This session begins working on the hips, where it supports the upper body. The hips are the connection point between the upper body – the trunk – and the bottom – the legs. Within the hips lies our vital energy, our first Chakra.

Working on the internal part of the legs, on the adductor muscles, it brings us a better alignment in relation to the gravity force.

Deep tensions in this area keep the energy at the bottom of the body. By releasing them, the energy flow will change, going bottom up, from the Earth to the Skies.


    1. To level the pelvis, rebalancing the rectus abdominis muscle and psoas.
    1. To dissolve tension and back pain
    1. To get in touch with the belly, increasing the ability to ‘feel’
  1. To connect the upper and lower body sides – the legs – increasing the rooting process

In this session, we will keep working with our deep centre, on the hip region, particularly on the abdominal muscle realignment and on the iliopsoas muscle release, optimizing the hip tilt and, and consequently the lower back curvature.

This is a ‘miracle’ session and it is absolutely essential to dissolve lower back chronic pain and to prevent it to happen again.


    1. To relax the pelvic floor and to release tightness in the legs
    1. To realign the leg by relaxing rotator muscles
    1. To release back and spine tensions
  1. To align the coccyx (tailbone) and the sacrum: the base of the spine

The sixth session mainly works to re-establish a correct spinal structure. One of the most common problems in the spine is compression and/or degeneration of the intervertebral disks, which causes pain, inflammation (eg.Sciatica), or even hernia. This dysfunction happens due to muscles and myofascial contraction.

By relieving the deep spine fascia, we allow the muscle to be more elongated and we create more space between the vertebrae. The intervertebral discs are then free to resume their main function which is to absorb impact and to provide flexibility to the spine.


    1. To align the head with the horizontal hip line
    1. To improve nasal breathing, face release
    1. Opening and release of the upper chest
  1. ‘Fall of the mask ‘, relaxing facial muscles, creating a freer and clearer mind sensation.

The head rests upon the dorsal spine and is, according to our contemporary society, where our reason and rationality are located.

To free our head is the last session before the integration phase of the treatment, to relax our body anatomy from stiffness in the muscles and fascial tissue – and to simultaneously liberate ourselves of thoughts and rigid belief systems.

From all body parts, the face is the one that shows more about us, our personality and our moods through our facial expression.

Social influences, past conditionings, whatever we identify and express into the world, all of that creates ‘superficial masks’ that are kept on the facial muscles and head.

When we observe a person sleeping or in a meditative state, we can clearly see how their facial expression changes completely into a relaxing and neutral position.

In addition to physical stress relief, working on the upper chest, head and face, it takes us into a state of relaxation, meditation and spontaneity.


    1. Integration.
    1. To balance the right and left side of the body
    1. To balance the upper and lower bodies
  1. To feel the centre of our Being

These last sessions are of integration. Having worked (during the first three sessions) on the openness of our superficial armour, becoming aware of our centre, we can than integrate different aspects and to take our body to a full alignment, to an organic unity.

An aligned and integrated body is a free channel that makes the energy to flow harmoniously from bottom up, from Earth to the Skies. A harmonic and aligned body allows you to be well rooted in the earth, in the physical reality and into your own feeling itself.

This over all realignment and heart expansion brings clarity of mind and restores our true nature of peace and well being.

“The man in his integrity is the Rebalancing’s goal”


•Via Della Luna®

Shamanic Ritual Massage

La Via della Luna® treatment was born from a fusion of modern massage techniques with healing elements of the Amazon and Central American indigenous culture traditions that recognize Nature as the Great Mother: always available to welcome and offer us what we need.

A massage designed to release energetic blockages that constrain our body vitality. The purification of this energy will bring peace, well-being sensation and transformations into your life. It will also allow you to get in touch with your body awareness, recognizing yourself beyond it and finding profound ways to nourish your soul.

  • Vital energy renewal
  • Better awareness of your own senses
  • Improve body organ functions, blood and lymph circulation
  • Nervous system relaxation
  • Reconnection with your own nature

•Osho Pulsation

Breath in vitality

It is a Neo-Reichian therapy based on deep breathing and bodywork. It was created to increase vitality, unblocking energy pathways in our body and relieving chronic muscle armour tensions, releasing unconscious repressions that are still present on us.

It is a self-transformation method that happens when the natural bioenergetics in our body starts flowing again. An incredible sense of vitality, freedom, harmony and relaxation gets rooted into our Being.

•Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is a healing technique that uses the power of pranic transmission. The healing method is based on the Chakra System awareness. Different energy “frequencies” are channelled and used in order to achieve different physical planes in the client:

• Frequency of Light to heal the surface

• Frequency of Sound to reach the bones, organs and the circulatory system

• Frequency of Gold to reach the nervous system


To guide the energy through invisible networks of the body activating their energy centres. To awakening cellular memories so that unconscious situations can be taken into a conscious level. To reactivate the DNA spiral. To awakening the innate ability of the body to heal itself.

Who is it for

• Those who want to maintain or increase their physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

• Those interested in their own spiritual growth.

• Those who suffer from physical disorders.

•Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a practice that has much efficiency and beauty in reintegrating the Being.

*Neo-shamanism has its origin in the 60s/70s in the United States. A group of therapists and researchers started becoming interested in the shamanic practices, finding out that there were techniques that could be used around the world. They adapted these practices to the current world to bring healing.

The shamanic tradition sees the individual as a soul; all that is animated has a soul. The human being has a very delicate soul. And by undergoing traumas, shocks and phases of strong emotions in any stage of our life, a defence of the soul is activated and part of its energy leaves the body.

Thus, in a sequence of traumatic events throughout life, we start losing strength, energy, creativity, presence, courage and to a certain degree, the will to live. Our body becomes numb to the beauty and opportunities in life. This fragmentation of our original energy, provoking what we call “Lost of the Soul” in the shamanic system.

Sasha leads and follows you in this beautiful journey towards yourself, in search of those lost fragments of your soul, using music, sound and instruments, and realigning the physical body with our matrix and energetic body.

The Soul Retrieval guides you in a time-space journey in which you can recover and restore lost energy back into your body, increasing the perception of the senses, presence and vitality.

It can be in a group ritual or an individual session