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•Creative Consciousness

Manifesting reality consciously

The Creative Consciousness course is based on the principle that our thoughts create reality. It is an educational process that teaches us how to turn magic into reality. An incredible opportunity to understand the whole creative process: from intuition (dreams and imagination) to our insights and materialization.

Through the Creative Consciousness course, you will learn, step by step, how to express your own thoughts, imagination, dreams and ideas consciously through the physical reality.

For a new sustainable world, we can no longer rely on our mind; conditioned by choices based on old paradigms. We need to restructure our thinking in order to prepare our minds to be used in a creative and courageous manner, thus creating a better world.

We live in a world that requires new choices and solutions created by a clear and conscious mind.

  • Understanding the creative process.
  • Understanding how the mind functions.
  • Making conscious choices and taking responsibility.
  • Expressing our results.
  • Acknowledging our creative power.
  • Becoming a clear channel of our intuition.
  • Overcoming our belief systems that limit us.
  • Becoming receptive to the Divine energy that works through us.
  • Transforming moments of crises into possibilities of positive changes.
  • Including magic into our life.
  • Reducing the stress on our body and mind.
  • How to be more present, effective and free.

  • Reality is always the consequence of what you believe.
  • Intention creates purpose and direction.
  • Acknowledge your own potential.
  • Point of views and opinions create reality.
  • Self-esteem.
  • Becoming aware of our unconscious mind.
  • Who I choose to be.
  • Claiming your power back.
  • The Creative Process.
  • The Universal Mind.
  • To create is to choose.
  • Thoughts create results.
  • Ability of receiving .
  • Creative Thinking.
  • The power of the present moment.
  • Alignment of all of our states of mind.
  • Going beyond your own limits.
  • You are a channel.
  • Vertical Time.

The course can be attended in the shape of the weekend retreat and individual coaching.


•Humaniversity Psychology

The Humaniversity Psychology was created by Veeresh Youson, director and founder of the Humaniversity. It is a place where we learn to live and to educate and inspire people to be themselves and to go to life following their own heart. The Humaniversity is a Community based in the Netherlands, a centre for personal growth and an institute, where therapists are trained.

“Veeresh was the person who most influenced my life and my work. He was my therapist, mentor, master and friend who, day by day, taught me to live and develop my work following my heart, inspired by Osho’s vision. Veeresh left the body in January 2015. His heart lives in all that is good in this world forever.”


Humaniversity Aum Meditation

The Humaniversity Aum Meditation is the most famous social meditation created by Veeresh.

It is a highly active and social therapeutic process that takes you into a deep journey into your inner Being. The fellow travellers who take part in the meditation together with you are just “mirrors” through which you see yourself.

The healing power of this Social Meditation is in the possibility to express the emotions that we repress in our daily lives. In general our emotions are suppressed for number of reasons: social or educational issues, work or social/family etiquette or perhaps even because we are afraid to feel.

All of this happens because we never had the opportunity to learn how to relate with our emotions. Therefore, it is easy to lose conscious contact with our emotional world and this wide spread repression is one of the major causes of tension and stress and in extreme cases, of physical and mental illnesses in our world today.

The goal of Humaniversity Aum Meditation is to bring a real and positive transformation to your life. By experiencing and understanding these practices your body / mind is allowed to drive its own energy towards love and positivity. It encourages new models of behaviour which, in everyday life, can support the development and expression of vital and creative energy..

“The Humaniversity AUM Meditation is a social therapeutic process that will help you to find out who you are by exploring the rainbow of your emotions. It will help you to transform stress into creativity and a well-being feeling. The goal is to be friend with yourself and others. “


The meditation consists of 14 stages that reflect 14 aspects of the human experience.

First Stage: No!

This first stage is the time for you to express all anger repressed in your daily life. You close your fists and start screaming “No” and everything else that comes up through free association. A distance of 50 cm is always maintained from other people and it is prohibited to touch or express any physical violence towards others. It is the time when you and the other consciously allow each other to express your anger, hatred in order to clear those stagnant energies.

Second Stage: I forgive you.

Third Stage: I love you.

At this stage, you go to each of participant and, by looking into their eyes, say “I LOVE YOU” and exchange a warm hug.

Fourth Stage: Second wind.

Running fixed in the same place, putting the arms up, you make sounds, play with others. During this stage, there is a little dance and then you run again so that you can reach the second peak of energy.

Fifth stage: Kundalini.

You close your eyes and begin to shake your body. After a while you realize that your body is spontaneously shaking by itself.

Sixth Stage: Catarsis.

You start individually screaming, crying, laughing or hitting cushions. It is the time for you to express your madness “to freak out,” releasing your neuroses.

Seventh Stage: Free Dance.

You lose yourself in dance, allowing it to flow and to make new movements.

Eighth Stage: Cry.

You get in touch with your sadness and start to express it, letting go of all the pain allowing the tears to relieve your heart.

Ninth Stage: Laugh.

After crying, you begin to laugh, just laughing without any reason. It seems strange, but suddenly you start laughing without stopping and bringing a great relaxation to your Self.

Tenth Stage: Sensuality.

You start feeling your sensuality and begin to express it through the dance and expressions. You notice your body flowing and regain sensitivity and sensuality, and if you want you can share it with someone else.

Eleventh Stage: Mantra AUM.

The group come together in a group, embracing in a large circle and whilst looking at a candle flame, chant the sound AUM.

Twelfth Stage: Silence.

You sit still with closed eyes in silence.

Thirteenth Stage: Namaste.

It is the end where you thank each other for the moments lived. You bring your hands together and by looking into each other’s eyes, say Namaste, bowing and then hugging.

Fourteenth Stage: Sharing 

•Social Meditation Camp

One heart, infinite silence

The Social Meditations were created by Veeresh, an experienced Osho therapist, who was an inspiring and innovative figure in the field of humanistic psychology.

Social Meditations are simple and effective practices for us to open our heart, to dance, silence the mind, to connect with ourselves and others.

As human beings, we were used to live in tribes. We are “social animals”. The contemporary society leads us to live an isolated life, creating barriers and putting a distance between us, separating us from each other. Because of that, many physical and psychological illnesses emerged.

Through the Humaniversity Social Meditations, people remember the magic of human contact, the silence of a hug and the beauty to celebrate together. It is a time and space where you can experience your own nature, reconnect with true feelings and be in an environment that accepts you as you are. We start to feel ourselves again through the other and as part of an energy bigger than our own individual ego. It is a tool that relaxes, heals and opens our inner vision.

To bring light, to expand individual and collective awareness, to create new friends and deepen old friendships, to increase self-esteem and creative power.

To experience, to deepen and to understand more and more the power of healing and transformation of the different stages of Humaniversity Aum.  To experience and to understand different Social Meditations, and through these practices, to create together a protected and loving energy field where we can drive our energy towards love, positivity and creativity.

Promoting new models of behaviours that, in everyday life, support a real individual progress and improve social harmony.

  • Humaniversity Aum Meditation.
  • Our Sacred Earth Meditation.
  • Samasati Meditation.
  • Osho Dance Meditation.
  • Humaniversity Psychology techniques

Some of the Humaniversity Psychology contents are: to bring light, individual and collective consciousness, create new friendships, deepen old friendships, body awareness, emotional expression, active and social meditations, dance, hug and healing, celebration.

Promote new models of behavior that the day to day support a real individual development and improve social harmony.

For people who love learning about themselves through other people, for those who want to really relax, to holistic and non-holistic therapists, true seekers, for all who believe that a better world begins with better people.