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Fundamental Training Neo-Rebalancing, Self Discovery and Ecovillage Living | 3 Months

10 janeiro 2023 @ 16:00 - 9 abril 2023 @ 14:00

Fundamental Training Neo-Rebalancing, Self Discovery and Ecovillage Living
3 Months Residential Intensive


The vision of this project is to offer people education and skills for the challenges that the New Era is presenting.

The professional training in deep touch and body therapy that we offer, does not want to be an end in itself, but a powerful tool at the service of the personal and collective transformation that this world requires from us.

Trained therapists will be dedicated to being transformative pioneers to bring more meditation, consciousness, healing and health into the world. To carry, spread and cultivate the seeds of a new humanity.

During these 3 months the participants, besides being trained as Neo-Rebalancing Therapist , will also immerse in an ecovillage way of evolving ; this means to live the everyday life of an intentional community, participate in regenerative culture projects, courses in agroforestry and volunteering.



The purpose is to create a space for the opportunity to reconnect with themselves, heal the relationship with nature, expand their vision, learn technologies in Communal living, open up to trust, to manifest their dreams in physical reality; rediscover your own talents and put them at the service of a new, holistic, integrated, positive and creative life.




Anatomy classes, deep touch practices, myofascial release techniques, meditation and presence practice. 


Community life experience program, volunteering at Ecovila Piracanga, more conscious eating, multidisciplinary practices, regular classes and free days. 


Agroforestry classes, sustainability and permaculture projects, visits to native communities, integration with traditional peoples.


Deep Ecology, Creative Consciousness, Active Meditations and Silence Retreat.



Certification in one of the most complete and recognized methods of Psychosomatic Touch   and bodywork. Neo-Rebalancing BodyWork is a deep meditative touch that works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. A potent path of healing and self-knowledge through the body.

Combining Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, Meditation, Body Awareness, Psico-Somatic Reading, Joint Release, Psychology of Touch, Bioenergetics and Subtle Energy, Neo-Rebalancing works deeply on the body by dissolving psychosomatic armor .

Chronic tensions and pain, caused mainly by the mental and emotional structures that limit us, are transformed into vital and creative energy, providing postural realignment, pleasure, expansion, well-being, better functioning of the nervous system, relaxation, grounding and presence.





Deep Tissue Techniques, Myofascial Release, Liquid Touch, Still Touch;

Touch and presence: the quality of touch;

Male touch and female touch: the dance of contact;

Body reading: psychophysical and emotional armoring;

Dissolving and releasing tensions;

Healthy relationship between facilitators and clients;

Breath-Work: conscious breathing;

Work tools and their proper use: fingertips, thumb, closed palms, forearm and elbow;

Body awareness;

Postural mechanics of the therapist;

Group dynamics: Humaniversity Psychology;

Presence practice for therapists and clients;

Self-knowledge and spiritual growth;

Active meditations.



 To train as a professional body therapist;

To promote postural alignment through deep touch and meditative techniques;

To teach  about how to dissolve pain and tension in yourself and others;

Improve breathing and body fluidity;

Increase presence and vital energy;

Nourish the heart and the feeling of gratitude;

Contribute to psycho-emotional growth: raise self-esteem and confidence of people in themselves and in life;

Expand personal power and mental clarity;

Broaden the perception about the purpose of life and about the talents of each one;

Teach how to take care of psychophysical health;

Practice meditation and silence in a group.



The experience of living in an Ecovillage is one of the most profound healings that a human being can experience. Going back to live as a tribe, in a spirit of collaboration, putting energy into harmonizing with nature is an experiment with a strong impact on our vision of the world, on our paradigms and on the conditioning that we carry within us, rooted in the education of industrial society, based on consumption paradigms and individuality.

Living in an Ecovillage is an experiment in continuous evolution and with enormous personal and collective challenges. At the same time, it brings a more human condition to our way of living, a priceless pleasure in relating in a healthier way with nature and with others.

To be nourished by the priceless healing and pleasure that the sea, the beach, the river, the forest can offer. Learning to donate our time to caring for the earth, finding creative solutions to lessen our impact, co-operating rather than just taking away the resources from Mother Earth. Learning to be filled with the elements. Finding the Divine in volunteer activities together with others, in a mantra circle, in a fire dance at the beach in a meditation in the communal space. Learning a new way of communicating, relating, resolving conflicts or creating a new project…plant and sow…enjoy the beach, the mangroves and the river. Connecting with the natives and the ancient wisdom, seeing the turtles being born… that. Will be your day to day experience that will transform you,

A practical education that will empower you with practical tools, to manifest new realities in your daily life and see life on this wonderful planet that hosts us, with a different set of lenses.




8 hours/ week  of volunteering in regenerative projects;

Active Meditations;

Participation in different activities of the Ecovillage;

Beach/sea/sun and river;

Exchange or donations of massages as part of the training;

Creative Conscious Reality classes;

Neo-Rebalancing classes/workshops;

Dynamic Governance Classes based on Sociocracy;

Regenerative walks in nature and local communities friends, free time;

Time to write, read, contemplate, enjoy and dream.

NOTE: Some extra activities, if not part of the program, may be subject to financial exchange.



During the three months, an essential part of the program will be the practical experience of agroforestry, permaculture and regenerative culture. In partnership with the agroforestry núcleo Essencia da Terra, we will have the experience of learning from Gabriel Jacob the basics of agroforestry; how to produce food in cooperation with nature, collaborating and exchanging with her instead of depredating and destroying will change paradigms rooted in yourself due to our competitive society.

Putting our hands on the earth, learning simple techniques that can be applied in everyday life, realizing the abundance that the Earth offers us, we will come out of this experience with a new wisdom and a relationship with nature of empathy and gratitude. If you feel part of this physical reality, of the life that works through us and through all forms, human and non-human, go create a dimension of belonging, of feeling at home. Finally free from the feeling of scarcity mindset and open to the abundance that life on this Planet offers us at all times. Only to open what is already in the here and now. Let’s learn how to be self-sustaining by cooperating with the Earth and her people.

As part of the regenerative culture dimension, we will get to know and participate in regenerative socio-environmental projects in some communities in the region (Santa Maria Settlement, Ambuba community).

Discovering trails in the forest, waterfall and rivers, with native guides, visiting communities and families, integrating wisdom and information with the “people of the forest” will enrich our hearts, and open us to new opportunities.

We will learn that life has nothing to do with the culture of consumerism; the deep connection with nature will stimulate a feeling of simplicity, joy and gratitude for our life.



Agroforestry course at Essência Agroflorestal with Gabriel Jacob;

Visit to native communities in the forest;

Meditative trails and walks with native guides in the region;

Participation in the birth of Turtles on the beach;

Volunteering in regenerative projects at Ecovila Piracanga and in the region;

Silence Retreat with Samadhi and Gabriel Jacob.



 One of the pillars of our daily lives will be the regular practices of active meditations. Let’s experiment with realignment practices that can transform our day, perception of reality. With a relaxed mind, a more integrated body, more expanded feelings and a more open heart, we will open ourselves more and more to the present moment. Each act, each movement, each encounter will have a different quality: the quality of presence. The aim of this work is for people, once they have experienced the pleasure of a meditative life, to take these practices out into the world… and cultivate the seed of meditation.

Deep ecology is an eco-spiritual education and practice to give us clarity and tools to face the Great Turning that is happening on a Planetary level. Inspiring people to respond humanely and creatively to the “historic transition from an industrial society committed to economic growth to a life-supporting society engaged with the healing and recovery of our world” (Joana Macy)

Creative awareness are tools, in the form of classes, to know your mind and accept that we are human beings with infinite creative potential. Learning that we are free to get out of limiting conditioning and choose to create our reality in complete freedom.



Regular active meditation practices;

Awareness and body movement (bodywork);

Practical classes in Deep Ecology and ecopsychology;

Study group of the book “Active Hope”;

Eco-self walk, forest bath;

Coaching classes in Conscious Creation.



 Meditations are an essential part of Neo-Rebalancing’s work to integrate the intense process of bodily and psychological transformation.

Working on the deep structure of the body, through regular exchanges of deep and sensitive touch, the psychosomatic armoring begins to melt and the body enters a process of destructuring.

This disruption is enormously healthy, purifying, fundamental. The old, limiting patterns, the tensions, the pains have to come out in order to create a new structure. The new can be born.

Through meditations we become aware of these patterns and ready to let go of them. The body dissolves blockages, cleanses itself and begins to flow, becoming receptive, alive and vibrant again.

Your Being is filled with a sense of presence, groundedness and joy. Active Meditations integrate this transformative process, relaxing the nervous system and mind, fixing the new harmonious structure in the body-mind.





  • January 10th | Tuesday

START: 4pm in Oshobahia


  • 10th of January to 09th of April | Tuesdays to Sundays

3 MONTHS RESIDENTIAL INTENSIVE: Basic Neo-Rebalancing Training, Self-Awareness Retreat and Ecovillage Living


PROFESSIONAL: NEO-REBALANCING TRAINING: Anatomy classes, deep touch practices, myofascial release techniques, meditation and presence practice.

ECOVILLAGE LIVING EXPERIENCE: Community life experience program, volunteering at Ecovila Piracanga, more conscious eating, multidisciplinary practices, regular classes and free days.

REGENERATIVE CULTURE: Agroforestry classes, sustainability and permaculture projects, visits to native communities, integration with traditional peoples.

SPIRITUAL: Deep Ecology, Creative Consciousness, Active Meditations and Silence Retreat.

FREE DAYS: enjoy nature (beach, sea, river, mangrove and Atlantic Forest), time to read, write, walk, contemplate and dream;

EXTRA ACTIVITIES: can be integrated into the program, as an option, with additional investments.


  • April 09 | Sunday

CLOSING: lunch



Samadhi was born in Milan, Italy. At the age of 23, he began his journey of self-knowledge at Osho Multiversity, in Poona, India. He graduated as a therapist at Humaniversity, in the Netherlands, in 1995. He specialized in the field of Touch and Meditative Therapy.

He has been trained in Osho Rebalancing, Arun Conscious Touch and Thai Massage. As an assistant to Satyarthi Peloquin — one of the founders of Osho Rebalancing — he became a trainer of the method. Samadhi also has trainings in Pulsation and Tantra. He is a facilitator at Humaniversity Aum and a coach at Conscious Creation.

As a Inner Ecology Researcher, he co-created the Essence of Life method, fasting and silence retreat. Samadhi studies the principles and processes of Sociocracy — a participatory system of dynamic governance — and practices Collaborative Agroecology with agroforestry producers and family farmers.

Since 2008, he has lived in Ecovila Piracanga, in Bahia, an eco-sustainable and permacultural community. He is co-creator of Oshobahia — Eco-Holistic Center for Integral Health — and co-founder of the Institute of Neo-Rebalancing BodyWork (INR).




We offer different options of accommodation in Oshobahia. When the house is complete we will rent the space in other houses in the Ecovillage Piracanga.

* Value in Euro


Room with 3 beds: € 3600

Ecolodge 2 beds: € 3800

Ecolodge single: € 4500




All the classes, retreats and workshops that are part of the program;

Food  during the retreats and the workshops;

Accommodation for the all retreat (January 10 till April 9, 2023).



Food shopping during the Ecovillage Living time where everybody will be responsible for his own food and cooking in his own house (is around 100 euro/ month each person and can be done inside the Ecovillage);

Extra activity in the Ecovillage or in the Holistic Center;

Transports and shuttles.



 In order to create a totally Covid Free group, so that we can relate freely among the participants, it is possible that the following protocols exist:

  • Carry out a Covid-19 [PCR] laboratory test before arriving in Piracanga;
  • Respect the agreements of the 3 Months Residential Intensive group and the general health protocols of Ecovila Piracanga, to preserve the COVID FREE REBALANCING COMMUNITY initiative.



 WhatsApp: + 39 350 986 2710 [Samadhi]

+55 48 99922-7430 [Janine]

Email: oshobahiainfo@gmail.com

Instagram: @oshobahia

Facebook: Oshobahia

Website: www.oshobahia.com


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